Okay, So It’s Another FOREX Trading Program That Promises To Double Your Profit Potential With Its Unique Methods… Yawn!  Because We’ve Heard It All Before, Haven’t We…?

Woo hoo!  Ring out the bells, sound the sirens and shout from the highest rooftops!  Another ‘unique’ FOREX trading program ETF Income Engine – hits the Internet, and this one is ‘guaranteed’ to help you make your millions…

Oh, sorry.  Do we sound somewhat cynical?  Excuse us if this is the case.  But you have to admit, it seems that not a day goes by without another ‘amazing,’ ‘unique,’ ‘splendiforous’ product being advertised and touted as etf income engine review ETF Income Engine Review   Is Bill Poulos Program Good?being the best thing since… well, forever.  But, we have to say, ETF Income Engine is the latest product by Bill Poulos.  And the guy certainly knows a thing or two about FOREX trading.  So we decided to put our cynicism firmly (well, gently) to one side and get into bed with exactly what this latest offering is all about.

And, we have to admit, what we discovered certainly makes for interesting reading.

What do you get for your money?

Right, so in a nutshell, what ETF Income Engine is, is a training program designed to teach you in-depth methods about FOREX trading as well as trade alert software so you can put what you’ve learned into action.

When you purchase ETF Income Engine you can expect what you receive to include the following:

  • Video Training: Provided by Mr. Poulous himself.  Here you learn from the basics upwards.  The video tutorials first explain everything you need to know about the FOREX game, and then quickly move onto more advanced strategies.  Discover all about exits and entries, and how to take the necessary steps to reduce your losses to a minimum.
  • Three Unique Trading Methods: It’s these little babies that make ETF Income Engine so different from other products on the market.  Here you’ll learn all about how to become extremely comfortable with accepted current trading methods.  But much more importantly, you’ll get down and dirty with future expectations – and it’s this that is so important to ensure you make maximum profits and also learn how to potentially make use of different market trends.
  • Risk Management: This is one aspect so often overlooked in many seemingly similar programs.  There’s undoubtedly a risk element in trading anything – be it FOREX or other stocks and shares.  But it’s managing this risk that is so vital to ensure that your gains outweigh your losses.
  • Full Documentation: And training manuals for all the video training you receive.  This means that you can take full advantage of learning on every level.  It’s scientifically proven that the best method of learning is by a combination of visual, vocal and reading – and ETF Income Engine provides you with the perfect mix so you can learn the most effective way possible.
  • Trade Alert Software: So that you don’t need to spend countless hours pouring over charts and graphs.  By utilizing this powerful tool you can, once you’ve completed the training, get your trading times down to just a few minutes a day.  Or even, if you don’t have that amount of time, down to weekends only.

This is just a snapshot of what you receive with ETF Income Engine.  There’s not enough space to talk about everything in this short review.

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Who is it for?

Because it’s a training program, you might be led to believe that ETF Income Engine is only a product for the rookie FOREX trader.  And whilst it is indeed a great product for the novice, don’t be fooled into thinking that those with more experience won’t get a great deal of knowledge from it as well.  Because it delves into the future, as well as giving some truly unique strategies, this is a program that will be extremely advantageous to anyone -  no matter what their level of experience.

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Who is Bill Poulos?

Bill poulos ETF Income Engine Review   Is Bill Poulos Program Good?If you’ve not yet heard of Bill then it’s pretty safe to say that you’re new to the world of FOREX trading.  Bill is one of the most well respected guys in trading – both in FOREX and trading stocks.  Most recently he’s been renowned for providing some of the best trading systems around.  In other words, ones that work and that truly provide their users with a substantial income.  You only need enter his name into Google or any other Search Engine to see quite how well known he is.

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The Pros

  • ETF Income Engine is a complete training course.  But not only that, it’s easy (and fun) to follow.  No matter what your level of knowledge, this is a training course that will enhance your knowledge greatly.
  • The trading alerts provide you with a flexible amount of time frames.  They range from between a few minutes up to an hour, meaning that whatever time constraints you have for trading, you can always find a window that suits.
  • The training and alerts are provided in six different Forex pairs.  These are the most commonly traded, but also means that you can choose which ones to use to suit your own personal trading methods.
  • Even the most technical components of trading are well explained.  You can expect a complete education on pairing, trading and the knowledge of all the technical indicators that the market uses.  Once you have the basics, then the training moves onto the more advanced methods – and it’s here that you’ll begin to learn the properties that make this such a unique (and virtually guaranteed) method of trading.

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The Cons

  • Hmmm, if you’re anything like us, then the biggest con will probably be actually accepting that yet another FOREX trading program can offer anything new.  But, as well all know, the FOREX market is a dynamic and money back guarantee 003 ETF Income Engine Review   Is Bill Poulos Program Good?fluid beast.  And this means that to continue winning – and winning big – you need to adapt along with it.  The only way to do this is to stay completely up to date with all the little nuances and changes – and the great thing about ETF Income Engine is that it really is cutting edge for 2014.

 The Bottom Line

Well, well, well.  We’ve certainly come to a conclusion that we didn’t expect when we first came across ETF Income Engine.  Because, we’ll be honest, we were truly expecting to trash this little baby into to ground…

But, we’re nothing if not fair.  And we have to admit that Mr. Poulos’s offering has certainly surprised us.  Because it really does do exactly as it promises in the advertising.  This is a training and signals program that honestly does offer something new.  And we think that there’s gonna be a whole lot of traders out there who’re glad that they believed the advertising and gave it a chance.  We know we are.  Well done, Bill.  We’ll even go as far to say that we think ETF Income Engine is your best product yet.  Outstanding…

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With about a day left before the ETF Income Engine goes live, Bill Poulos’s son, Greg, captured a quick live Q&A interview with him in his “trading lab”…

qa top ETF Income Engine questions [video]

…where Bill answers some of the top questions he’s been getting about his weekly ETF trade alert software.

See it here…

You might be surprised by what he has to say.

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Based on all the feedback Bill Poulos has received so far from the first 3 ETF Income Engine training videos, he recorded a 4th BONUS video where he reveals:

  • His 5-part risk management formula that you can use immediately to further reduce risk every time you trade…video4 BONUS 4th ETF Income Engine training [video]
    (If you don’t have a precise formula for managing risk, you should NOT be trading, so USE THIS ONE.)
  • His simple but powerful OPTIONS TRADING STRATEGY that you can use with what you’ve learned so far. You can use this as a kind of “back door” way to selling short within your IRA.(It’s totally legit, but might seem sneaky.)

Keep your comments coming on his blog because it gives him ideas for future training videos.

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Part 3 of Bill Poulos ETF Income Engine video training was just published, and it reveals:

yellow paper ETF Income Engine Video 3 released + BIG NEWS

  • A live recording where you get to see a real trade “in action” placed with an online broker…
  • How to potentially DOUBLE your profit potential using this approach during the next market crash…
  • How you can get started trading with this technique…


  • The ETF Income Engine trade alert software will be going “live” next Monday, March 17th, at 1pm Eastern (New York time).

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This is going to be exciting.

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